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What is Americas best Winter Sport to Watch NBA or NFL?




is surf good

paul | 45%
peter | 46%



Is the new iPhone 4 rubbish?

No | 45%
Yes | 46%


Iphone 4G

Which is Better the Ipad or The Iphone 4G?

Ipad | 45%
Iphone 4G | 46%

Oscar The Grouch

Simon Cowell

Oscar the Grouch or Simon Cowell

Oscar The Grouch | 46%
Simon Cowell | 46%

Byron Holland

TJ Houshmanzada

What is more prepesterous?

Byron Holland | 45%
TJ Houshmanzada | 46%
"This years (08-09) Lakers are better than the 95-96 Bulls." - Byron Holland "We're not losing another game."Record following statement: 2-5, including 26, 27 and 38 point losses. - TJ Houshmanzada


In Bed

Where will you be on Black Friday? Shopping or in Bed?

Shopping | 45%
In Bed | 46%
With "The Best Sales EVER" the day after Thanksgiving is quite a time! People standing in line overnight waiting for the doors to open, mothers, grandmothers, sisters and brothers, taking no prisoner to get one of those limited supply deals! But the question is will YOU be out there in the frenzy

Paula Abdul

Ellen Degeneres

American Idol Paula Abdul or Ellen Degeneres

Paula Abdul | 45%
Ellen Degeneres | 46%
With American Idol just around the corner there is going to be a new judge again this year! Ellen Degeneres will be taking over for Paula Abdul. There are allot of people who will miss Paula so lets see who is favored more.



United States Army vs. Navy Ft. Hood Tribute

Army | 46%
Navy | 46%
This touches close to home being a member of the United States Armed Forces. The tragedy that happened at Ft. Hood was beyond horrifying. God bless all of those men and women as well as their families!


Blind Date

Cheaters or Blind Date T.V. Show What do you like better?

Cheaters | 45%
Blind Date | 46%
Blind Date is a show hooking up two strangers and following them on their blind date. Cheaters may be part 2 what happens when your partner is cheating. Both are hillarious and if not scripted are great shows!


New Cartooons

Do you prefer Old Cartoons or New Cartoons?

Classics | 45%
New Cartooons | 46%
Remember the good old days of cartoons? When they were a reflection of actual life? They were not only watched by the kids but by everyone young and old. Now with political correctness the times of good old-fashioned cartoons are gone, replaced with what you see today. Did watching Tom and Jerry

Sesame Street

Mr. Rogers

Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Sesame Street | 45%
Mr. Rogers | 46%
If you grew up in the 80's you will know these to shows for sure! Every morning you couldnt wait to watch Sesame Street, you had your favorite skits and characters such as Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Snuffleupagus, Bert and Ernie, and the breakthru Elmo. After Sesame Street we all knew wh


Arnold Jackson

Webster vs. Arnold Jackson Emmanuel Lewis or Gary Coleman?

Webster | 45%
Arnold Jackson | 46%
Emmanuel Lewis played Webster on the 80's tv show Webster while Gary Coleman played Arnold Jackson on the hit tv show Different Strokes, know for his phrase " What you talking about Willis "

Ryan Seacrest

Brad Pitt

Celebrity yearbook photo war Ryan Seacrest vs. Brad Pitt

Ryan Seacrest | 46%
Brad Pitt | 46%
What celebrity looks better in their yearbook photo? Brad Pitt who looks just like a younger version of the man you see today, or Ryan Seacrest who looks like someone you would have cheated off of in calculus.


Not Funny

Alex Bos First time doing standup comedy Was he funny?

Funny | 45%
Not Funny | 46%
This is Alex Bos's 1st time ever on stage at Badger Brew Express in Rice Lake, Wisconsin on Oct. 11, 2009. He did not have any prior stage experience and no material prepared. What do you think?



Who will come out on top in the 2010 Midterm Elections?

Republicans | 45%
Democrats | 46%
With the polls closed today we saw Republicans regain some political positions. Is this a sign of things to come in 2010? The vote starts here.

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