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Was the Falcon Henne Balloon Boy a Hoax?


With America glued to the News stations for hours even being watched on the floors of the stock exchange. Wondering if there was a 6yo Falcon Henne flying thru the Colorado skies at heights of 8,000ft

We watched in amazement as the UFO looking balloon slowly came to the ground expecting to see a small boy climb out. But what happend was nothing. So we watched... and we watched.. wondering what happened to this little guy.

Finally we find out he was hiding in the attic scared he would be in trouble for letting his dads UFO loose. We were all relieved he was ok and the story had a happy ending!

But when Falcon said why he was hiding in the attic in an interview on the Larry King show. "For The Show" you have to ask was this all a hoax to get fame created by the parents? Lets Vote.


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Created by: xtreme


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