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What search engine do you use?

Microsoft will launch its newest search engine offering, Bing, soon. Rather than just another search engine that dishes out results based on popularity as was its previous two attempts with Live Search and MSN Search, Bing is being reformatted as a 'decision engine'. It aims to clean up the smorgasbord of results thrown at users when searching for a solution on the Web to allow users to make decisions to their not-so-simple questions like 'Where to go for dinner?' Since drawing excitement as 'Kumo' with some of its features revealed on the Microsoft blog in March, Microsoft has since renamed their new search engine Bing. "The name is short, it's easy to say, it works globally," quipped Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. Bing might find it an insurmountable battle with search engine giant Google though. According to research group comScore Inc, based on the US search queries in April, 65% of searches were ran on Google, with Yahoo coming up a distant second with 20.4% and Microsoft

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